The best payroll solution in the UK for People teams.

With Pento's automated payroll solution and expert payroll guidance, ensure payroll never gets in your way.

Frustrated with your payroll?

You're forced to “close” your payroll days or weeks before your payday.

You're triple-checking everything but still fear errors on payday.

You're constantly going back and forth, and have no control over your payroll.

You have no visibility into final pay numbers and unable to answer employee queries.

You're manually moving data in and out of your HRIS and accounting system.

Make payroll issues a thing of the past.

With Pento,
Aid your organisation's growth journey
Onboard and engage top talent with great payroll
Make off-boarding transparent and seamless
Leverage payroll data to introduce people-first policies
Become a dream data partner for your Finance team

Switching to Pento is smooth and easy.

Get onboarded before your next payday

Our Onboarding team takes care of collecting data from your previous provider and reconciling it so you can get started before your next pay run.

Deep payroll expertise for a smooth transition

Pento's payroll experts understand the intricacies of different systems, preserving the integrity of your payroll information while moving your payroll data.

Reduce the time spent on payroll every month from

7-8 days → 
45 mins

Learn why customers love Pento.

Excellent company. Customer service is exceptional. Through onboarding to using Pento for a year, we have felt supported and have high levels of confidence using this software and company.

Tammie Mills
Finance Manager,

Since switching to Pento, we are down to processing payroll in 1 hour each month, our cutoff is now right up to pay date, giving our employees a better experience and we have zero errors.

Andrew Finnerty
VP of People, Kriya

Our pay queries have dramatically reduced as Pento’s HR integration reduces the need for manual intervention. We've seen an increase in employee satisfaction with payroll as a result.

Oju Williams
Head of People Ops, Beacon

Payroll is a breeze with Pento.

From an automated payroll solution to expert payroll guidance, there's no better payroll solution in the UK for People teams.