Ensure seamless compliance from the outset with HMRC-recognised payroll software.

Choose Pento and enjoy peace of mind, knowing you're compliant right from the start. Pento not only keeps pace with legislative changes but also expertly manages your end-of-tax-year responsibilities, ensuring you're always covered.

Reduce the time spent on payroll every month from

7-8 days → 
45 mins

Payroll accuracy rate


Easily stay HMRC compliant with Pento’s payroll solution.

Auto-update employee tax codes and student loans

Pento directly syncs with HMRC to update your employee’s tax codes and student loans. No more surprise changes, be proactive with your employees about tax changes as they happen.

Automated legislation updates

Never worry about double-checking calculations. Pento automatically updates any logic around tax and salary calculations to adhere to the latest rates and thresholds and legislation updates.

Payday compliance

From submitting EPS and FPS to paying National Insurance contributions to HMRC to calculating pension contributions, Pento does everything to ensure you're compliant from the beginning of your payroll to payday.

Leave the end of tax year duties to Pento

Just sit back and relax. Pento takes care of all end of tax year duties, including updates to rates and thresholds for the new tax year.

easy payroll management
Send P60s to all employees, either via email or via HRIS
easy payroll management
Sending the final EPS and FPS to HMRC
easy payroll management
Calculate National Insurance contributions for Directors

Report all benefits via P11D and payroll Benefits in Kind (BIK)

Track and manage any benefits via P11D directly in Pento, including calculations and submission of P11D(b)s where Class1A NICs are due. You can also payroll any Benefits in Kind (BIK).

easy payroll management
Share P11Ds with employees
easy payroll management
Submit P11D benefits and P11D(b) to HMRC
easy payroll management
Calculate and report the Class 1A National Insurance you owe
easy payroll management
Calculations to support payrolling of company cars

Automated compliance with labour laws

From accurate calculations around sick pay and variable holiday pay to ensuring workers are above National Minimum Wage (NMW), Pento removes the need for constant manual checks.

easy payroll management
Automated Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) calculations
easy payroll management
Automated variable Holiday pay calculations
easy payroll management
National Minimum Wage checks

Migrate your payroll to Pento.

Start using Pento before your next payday

Our Onboarding team will collect data from your previous provider, reconcile accurately and port it over to Pento securely.

Get expert payroll guidance from CIPP professionals

Leverage Pento's payroll experts at every step of your payroll process. From day-to-day support and training to planned Advisory hours, Pento is here to help.

Hear from customers who switched to Pento for good.

Excellent company. Customer service is exceptional. Through onboarding to using Pento for a year, we have felt supported and have high levels of confidence using this software and company.

Tammie Mills
Finance Manager, Pirate.com

Since switching to Pento, we are down to processing payroll in 1 hour each month, our cutoff is now right up to pay date, giving our employees a better experience and we have zero errors.

Andrew Finnerty
VP of People, Kriya

Our pay queries have dramatically reduced as Pento’s HR integration reduces the need for manual intervention. We've seen an increase in employee satisfaction with payroll as a result.

Oju Williams
Head of People Ops, Beacon

Always stay HMRC compliant with Pento's payroll solution.

Never worry about manual errors causing non-compliance with HMRC.