No more double-entries.
Save time with Pento’s integrations.

No grunt work, no human errors. Connect Pento with HMRC, HRIS, and accounting systems, and seamlessly move employee, salary, and payroll information in and out of Pento.
Accounting platforms

Automate post payday accounting

Integrate Pento with accounting platforms and automatically update accurate journals every payroll.

HR systems

Sync employee information in real-time

Connect Pento to your HRIS and automatically sync employee data, new joiners, and calculate holiday payouts.

Pension providers

Automate pension eligibility

Pento checks if employees are eligible for pension and automatically sends out enrolment letters. We also report each payroll to your pension providers.

Automatically report pensions to NEST with every payroll.
Automatically report pensions to The People's Pension with every payroll.
Automatically report pensions to Smart Pension with every payroll.