Reduce errors and manual data-handoffs with Pento's integrations.

Connect Pento with your favourite HRIS, accounting systems, time and attendance systems, and pension providers and enable seamless data flow across your entire tech stack.

ng system and pension provider.

Reduced manual duplication of data from HR to payroll


Duplication errors

~3 days/month

Average time saved due to integration

Accounting platforms

Error-free payroll journal reporting with Pento's accounting integration

Integrate Pento with accounting platforms and automatically update accurate journals every payroll.

HR systems

Streamlined HR and payroll workflows with Pento's HRIS integration

Connect Pento to your HRIS and maintain consistent information across your HR and payroll systems.

Pension providers

Always be compliant with Pento's pension provider integration

Pento checks if employees are eligible for pension and automatically sends out enrolment letters. We also report each payroll to your pension providers.

Get the best of payroll with Pento, without the admin.

Save time and reduce unintentional errors. Connect Pento with your entire People and Finance tech stack.