Integrate Pento's payroll software and Humaans HRIS

Streamline HR and payroll with Humaans and Pento.

No more double-entries, no more errors. With Pento's Humaans HRIS integration, maintain consistent information across your entire people and payroll workflow.

How Humaans and Pento work together

Maintain Humaans as a system of truth for people data, provide a seamless employee experience and reduce manual admin.

easy payroll management
Sync employee details like bank info or address changes
easy payroll management
Sync payroll information like salary changes
easy payroll management
Sync new starters from CharlieHR
easy payroll management
Send payslips to Humaans after every payroll

Explore Pento beyond our integrations.

Learn how Pento can help you manage your end-to-end payroll process, without the admin.