Run payroll with Pento in 3 simple steps.

Adjust, approve, pay – running payroll has never been easier.

Edit pay until payday

Make as many pay changes as you want. No limits, no payroll deadlines.
Experience truly automated, real-time payroll calculations with Pento.
Update employee information
You can directly update any employee information like name, bank details, salary, work days and more or enable our HRIS integration and sync people data automatically.
Make pay changes
From one-off additions and deductions to updating net pay after employee tax code changes, Pento accounts for every pay amendment in real-time.

Review and approve

Add multiple approvers and confidently process your payroll, on time, every time.
Approval flow
Set up a formal approval flow in Pento to ensure your payroll is correctly handled and audited.
Variance reporting
Reduce errors and understand cost fluctuations by comparing changes in earnings to previous pay periods.

Provide a delightful payroll experience to employees

Pay employees and send payslips via email or HRIS with our integration.

Ensure compliance with HMRC

Pento will automatically report FPS and pay taxes to HMRC after every payday.

Report payroll journals

Customise your payroll journal in Pento or automatically report to your preferred accounting software with our integration.

Experience the best of payroll with Pento.

Efficient, flexible, error-free, and compliant.