Run payroll with Pento in just 3 simple steps

Adjust, approve and pay - payroll with Pento is really that simple.

Make pay adjustments

Edit pay until payday. Pento automatically adjusts earnings and contributions in real-time.
See pay changes as they happen
Add or sync employees, amend pay items, backdate salary, view and share draft payslips - do it right inside your payroll draft, in real-time.
Make pay changes until payday
No mid-month payroll submission cut-offs. With Pento, amend pay changes until payday, no artificial deadlines.

Review and approve

Add multiple approvers and confidently process your payroll, on time, every time.
Approval flow
Set up a formal approval flow in Pento to ensure your payroll is correctly handled and audited.
Variance reporting
Reduce errors and understand cost fluctuations by comparing changes in earnings to previous pay periods.

Confirm payroll!

Once confirmed, Pento automatically pays employees and HMRC, sends payslips and reports EPS or FPS.
Automatic payments
Pento automatically pays your employees and HMRC with a single payment.
Dedicated, reliable support
Our CIPP accredited payroll experts are always around to help.
Accounting integrations
Post your payroll to the right journal with our direct integrations to Xero and Quickbooks.