We securely import your existing employee data

From here, you can quickly view and set information like:
  • Salary & salary type
  • Tax code
  • Deductions
  • Pension and other information
You can always change this information in real-time

We include everything you need to run your own payroll

Modern, easy-to-use software and reliable payroll support. We've included everything you need to take control of your payroll and run it in minutes, not days.
  1. Real-time calculations
    No more making salary changes in spreadsheets and manually calculating the tax changes. Pento automatically adjusts earnings and contributions in real time.
  1. Simple import of employee data
    We'll help you import your existing payroll data to Pento so you can immediately run your first payroll.
  1. Pension auto-enrollment
    Pento checks if employees are eligible for pension and automatically sends out enrolment letters.
  1. Salary templates
    Whether base salaries, overtime pay or hourly rates, create and save salaries that can be used company wide.
  1. Security & Privacy
    Forget private payroll information leaking from emails & spreadsheets. We use modern security protocols on an 100% GDPR Compliant Platform.
  1. Automated payments
    With a single monthly payment to Pento, we can automate all outgoing payments to HMRC, employees and pension providers.
  1. Integration with HMRC
    Type in your HMRC PAYE reference number and that's it. We'll automatically submit reports and send money to HMRC on your behalf.
  1. Statutory pay
    Set the dates for statutory sick or parental pay for your employee and Pento handles the rest.
  1. Automatic payslip distribution
    Pento automatically generates payslips and sends them securely to your employees via email.
  1. Integrations
    As well as HMRC and pension providers, Pento integrates with accounting platforms like Xero and HR software like HiBob.
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Run payroll with Pento in just 2 simple steps

Check if employee earnings are correct

  • Simply adjust correct work hours, bonuses or any deductions.
  • Quickly and easily compare changes in earnings to previous pay period.

Click confirm and run payroll. And that's it.

  • Pento submits reports automatically to HMRC.
  • Pento submits everything to your pension providers.
  • Pento automatically executes all bank transfers to your employees, HMRC and pension providers.
  • Pento automatically sends your employees payslips.

Ready to see us run payroll in 4 minutes?

Get access to our quick video walkthrough to see how simple payroll with Pento can be.

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