UK payroll software with expert payroll guidance.

Make UK payroll smooth, compliant and error-free with our automated payroll software by streamlining repetitive tasks, removing payroll deadlines, and getting expert payroll support.

Run payroll in minutes, not weeks
No payday errors (or stress)
Expert payroll guidance

Automate any kind of UK payroll workflow

Get time back in the day when you can manage your entire payroll process with Pento, without the admin. Be it weekly payroll, part-time workers, zero hours or more – Pento supports all pay schedules and all types of workers in the UK.

Automate all payroll calculations
Edit pay until payday, no deadlines or extra fees
Automate employee payouts and HMRC payments
Get a detailed pay breakdown for your enhanced mat/pat policies in real-time

Easily stay compliant with HMRC

Never worry about being HMRC compliant. Pento always ensures you're adhering to the latest UK legislation and reporting on time.

Auto-update employee tax codes and student loans
Manage end of tax year duties
Report all benefits via P11D, including payrolling BIK

Let us take care of all your payroll needs

Our Customer Success team acts as an extension of your Payroll, People/HR, and Finance teams, sharing expert guidance whenever you need it.

Get a dedicated Onboarding team to manage your payroll migration
Experience support with quick response times, regular training, and engaging content
Leverage Pento’s payroll experts to get guidance on niche payroll issues
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Unleash the full potential of your tool stack.

Our platform is designed to be a powerhouse on its own, yet it thrives when paired with your existing suite. HRIS, accounting software, pension providers – Pento seamlessly integrates with all the tools in your stack.

Build a payroll hub for employees within your HRIS
Report journals automatically or export custom formats
Ensure pension compliance from the get-go

Hear what customers love about Pento.

With Pento, we have complete control over our payroll. The modern interface also makes it very easy to use. Pento really frees up a lot of time for more meaningful parts of my work.

Nick Davies
Payroll Manager, Starling Bank

Since switching to Pento, we are down to processing payroll in 1 hour each month, our cutoff is now right up to pay date, giving our employees a better experience and we have zero errors.

Andrew Finnerty
VP of People, Kriya

Excellent company. Customer service is exceptional. Through onboarding to using Pento for a year, we have felt supported and have high levels of confidence using this software and company.

Tammie Mills
Finance Manager,

Pick best-in-class payroll with Pento.

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