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  • Desktop software or payroll outsourcing
  • All changes via spreadsheets and emails
  • Upload pension files manually
  • Manual bank transfers
  • Manually add data to accounting and HR
  • Manually email out individual payslips
  • Slow and expensive email support

Pento is the simplest way to run UK payroll

Goodbye spreadsheets and emails. Run payroll in minutes instead of days.

HMRC RTI Compliant

Pento automatically connects, calculates and makes payments to both HMRC and your pension providers.  Learn more.

Automatic payments

Say goodbye to making individual bank payments. Pento automatically executes all the payments on your behalf.

Easy to use

You don’t need a payroll PhD to use Pento. Hundreds of small and medium sized businesses already run their payroll with Pento. Learn more.

Super quick support

When you have questions, we're right here to help you. Our average payroll support response time is 2 minutes.

payroll Process

Change earnings and benefits in real-time.

Tired of spreadsheets and emailing with your external payroll provider? With Pento, everything is just a click away - changes and calculations are transparent and immediate. See a more detailed overview here.

1. Are earnings accurate? - Check!
2. Everything correct? - Run the payroll!
Pension auto-enrolment

Pension auto-enrolment made easy.

Pento checks if employees are eligible for pension and automatically sends out enrolment letters.

Automatic checks for pension eligibility
Auto-enrolment of employees
Enrolment letters generated and sent

Pento connects to all your tools and providers.

Pento focuses 100% on payroll and integrates with other tools in your stack. From HMRC, to pension providers, banks, HR and accounting systems. Say goodbye to manual work.

Pension Providers
HR Software
Accounting Software
Banking connection
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

You're in good company

You can read more reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra.

Happy user for 3+ years!
Been a happy Pento-user for 3+ years. I can't imagine an easier way to run our payroll and I do it with ease every month. Amazing customer service as well. I recommend Pento to every fellow business owner I meet!
Alexander Langhede Andersen
Pento makes salary a pleasure
Pento makes salary a pleasure. Especially compared to other tools we’ve used. With the click of a button it’s done in a matter of seconds. Absolutely recommendable.
Kristian Goul Møller
Great product with exceptional customer…
Great product with exceptional customer service. Honestly, this is one of the fastest and highest qualities of customer service I've ever received. Super happy.
Darius Moravcik
An unconditional recommendation
I can only recommend Pento as it works seamlessly for my business Pento makes the management much easier and the few times I have needed help (due to my own mistakes) they have been fast, helpful and professional. Five big stars and an unconditional recommendation from me.
Christian Riber

Christoffer Immanuel, Co-founder, Organic Basics

"We're really happy with Pento, because it's so easy to use and constantly improving. I used to spend 5-10% of my time running payroll. Now I can get it all done in minutes, and it's a much better experience for everyone in the company. The quick chat support is a huge time-saver as well."

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Have a question?

In case you can't find an answer below just write us via chat. Yup, we respond immediately.

How does Pento compare to an outsourced payroll provider/agency?

Pento is the first fully automated UK payroll solution. This means that you can easily run payroll internally and not spend much time on it. You can see the comparison and your savings here.

Are you HMRC and pension auto-enrolment compliant?

Yes. We work closely with HMRC and various pensions providers and integrate directly into their systems. This enables us to submit reports and payments directly and automatically.

How hard is it to switch to Pento?

It's very easy. When you're ready to switch to Pento you just submit to us your latest spreadsheet with your employee payroll and pension data. Then we do everything else for you and within a day or two you get access to Pento with all your employee and company data ready for you to use. You can read more about it here.

I’m not a payroll expert. Can I use Pento?

Yes, absolutely. That's exactly why we built Pento. We felt this problem ourselves and thought there must be a simpler, software-enabled way to run payroll. Now, hundreds of customers are already running payroll internally without much prior knowledge on payroll. You can see how easy Pento is to use here.

Can I see Pento in action?

Sure. You can see how Pento payroll process works in our quick 5 minute video walkthrough.

How much does Pento cost? 

Pento starts at just £8 / month. The pricing depends on the size of your company and special needs. Please sign up and we'll be able to help you assess your payroll process and appropriate pricing plan.

How about security and privacy? 

Our teams worked hard to ensure both 100% GDPR data compliance and security within the product. All our web traffic goes through TLS/SSL only with HSTS and perfect forward secrecy fully enabled. Pento is graded as a "B" rating on SSL Labs' tests. We also continuously use third party penetration testing security tools and teams to continuously scan for vulnerabilities in our product. You can read more about our security and privacy processes here.

When and how do payments go out? 

Pento securely and automatically executes payments on your behalf. Payments to employees go out on the payday (it only takes a few minutes for payments to reach your employees).


We are here for you.

We are an extension of your payroll team. Pento is built for simplicity and ease-of-use. But whenever you have a question, we're available for you via chat or phone.

How is Pento different from traditional payroll outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing


🚅 Run payroll in minutes - not days

With Pento you can confirm and run payroll in 3 easy steps that take a few minutes a month.
Payroll outsourcing

📜 No more spreadsheets & emails

Forget all the time-consuming and error-prone communication with external payroll provider.
Payroll outsourcing

📅 No "payroll lockdown" periods

No external communication means that you can do changes at any time, without any lockdown periods.
Payroll outsourcing

⏳ Be able to do realtime changes

You can make any changes to payroll, employee info, benefits in real-time.
Payroll outsourcing

🏦 No more manual bank transfers

Pento does all your bank payments to employees, HMRC, pension providers automatically.
Payroll outsourcing

⛑️ Fast chat & phone support

Our average chat support response time is 2 minutes.
Payroll outsourcing

💸 No hidden or extra fees

Pento has simple and predictable pricing. No hourly fees, no extra fees.
Payroll outsourcing

🛡️ 100% GDPR compliant

Completely GDPR compliant platform.
Payroll outsourcing
Want to see detailed comparison with traditional payroll outsourcing?
You can see step-by-step comparison here.

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2 min

our average payroll support response time


of our customers say they spend considerably less time on payroll

4.7 / 5

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