Outsourcing Payroll? Why compromise?

Get the expert payroll support and advice you need, combined with our intuitive payroll platform that runs payroll in minutes. No payroll experience required

9 out of 10 Pento customers used to outsource their Payroll.

Payroll bureau
Flexible changes to Payroll
Real-time salary and tax calculations
No manual checking or comparing payroll drafts
Automated payments to employees and HMRC
Integrations with HR Systems
Integrations with Accounting systems
Integrations with pension providers
Payroll Approvals process
Real-time notifications of payroll errors

Payroll Support & Compliance

Dedicated Payroll Experts to support you. Rapid response times and 5-star support.

Integrated with HMRC, payroll is calculated automatically and in real-time.

Full visibility into employee salary, taxes, bonuses, etc, in real-time.

Full access to employee, payment or payroll data and reports.

Access to audit trail log.

Increased security of personal and sensitive information.

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With Pento, we have complete control over our payroll. The modern interface makes the tool so easy to use. Pento really frees up a lot of time for more meaningful parts of my work.
Nick Davies
Payroll Manager, Starling Bank
Outsourcing payroll is super manual. It works till ~100 employees, then the anxiety and consequences of making mistakes is high. Switching to Pento was easy. Everyone got paid the right amount, on time, without us having to double-check.
Emily Tribe
Head of Talent, PensionBee
Pento’s customer success team is extremely fast to respond to all of our questions and the product just works. Highly recommend Pento to all fast-growing companies in the UK - it’s a no-brainer decision.
Jakob Busck Andersen
Finance Director, Pleo
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