20+ UK Cloud HR Software Tools for the Modern People Team

Our Toolkit for Scaling People Operations in the Modern Business

📨 Recruitment

Building a strong team is the backbone of any scaling business. Finding tools that help you source, interview and offer to new employees are just as important as the team doing the hiring. We've included tools that span from small businesses through to those hiring hundreds of employees every year.


Greenhouse is a recruiting platform that improves your entire recruiting process. From finding, tracking, and vetting to hiring the best candidates, Greenhouse makes recruiting the strategic advantage that moves your company forward.

✓ Provides Interview Kits to help your team conduct better interviews and provide relevant feedback without extra training.

✓ Helps you manage tasks and track progress through automated communications and alerts.


Workable aims is to provide best-in-class recruitment tools, processes, and automation in one complete solution. It includes tools to help you manage everything from team referrals to video interviews, as well as automating reporting.

✓ Integrations with 200+ job boards.

✓ Branded careers pages.


Recruitee is an Applicant Tracking System. It assists recruiters and recruitment teams to effectively manage their applicants.

✓ Careers site support.

✓ Enterprise level features such as API and SSO.

💸 Payroll solutions

Below are two tools that can help you run UK payroll internally in the most simple and automated way possible.

Please note: there are several options for running payroll in the UK. Since our own solution (Pento) is in this category we only included two other tools that are highly differentiated from Pento.

Pento makes it simple for internal finance team to run payroll in just a few clicks. It calculates taxes, makes all the payments, reports to HMRC & pension providers and connects to other cloud applications. No more spreadsheets and long emails.


★ No user reviews

Deel is the payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record. Helping businesses hire anyone anywhere, either as independent contractors or full time employees (EOR).


★ No user reviews

Boundless is an employment platform for your international team. Compliantly employ your remote people, get set up to handle payroll & tax filings.


Humans Resources Information Systems are the core of your HR software stack as they allow you to manage all aspects of employee information, from holiday pay to personal contact details.

We've included a number below that we've partnered with at Pento, allowing you to seamlessly update your payroll information directly from your HRIS.


Humaans is built to be at the core of the HR tech stack. Mobile first and designed with distributed teams in mind, it features a beautiful people directory, document storage, time off tracking, visual reporting, and integrates with Slack, GSuite, DocuSign, and more.

✓ Comprehensive open API.

✓ We use it at Pento and love it.

Designed for companies over 100 employees, bob radically streamlines admin and improves employees experiences with a smart mobile app, a personalized benefits store and inviting onboarding and survey tools.

✓ Integrates with Pento to streamline your payroll changes.

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software solution that sets people free to do great work., for small and medium businesses that want to move away from using spreadsheets and/or organize their HR data.

✓ Integrates with Pento to streamline your payroll changes.

BrightHR helps with managing rotas and staggered shifts, sickness and holidays, through to running reports and storing employee documents.

✓ Back to Work and Redundancy tools to help manage your staff safely through the COVID-19 pandemic.

💳 Expense reporting tools

A few modern tools to help your employees seamlessly make expenses on behalf of the company without much overhead.

Smart credit cards for your business. No more expense reports, no more out-of-pocket spending.

✓ A ton of very positive user reviews.
✓ We use it at Pento and love it.



Spend management software with corporate cards to help businesses take control of spending.

✓ Robust feature set including subscription management and invoice payments.


A modern take on managing all sorts of business expenses in the UK: from cards to out-of-pocket claims and expenses.

✓ Very UK centric features set.


The so-called pre-accounting tool for accountants and bookkeepers. Mainly used for automatic scanning of receipts and invoices and filling it into your accounting system.

✓ Big network of accounting partners across UK.



The old and robust expense solution used by millions of businesses around the world. Current minus in the UK is the lack of company expense cards (like the ones from Pleo, Spendesk, Expend or Soldo).


Integrated with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage and other accounting systems, it is a spend management solution that enables businesses of any size to capture receipts, monitor data & generate reports.

✓ Based in the UK.

🎁 Benefits

Forget free tea & coffee and cycle-to-work schemes, modern workforce benefits platforms leverage data to equip your HR team with benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.


The Perkbox platform brings employee benefits, wellbeing, feedback and recognition together, helping you create the ultimate employee experience – at work and in life.

✓ Access to hundreds of employee perks.


★ No user reviews

For centralised and distributed teams alike, Juno connects employees to hundreds of globally available products, services and experiences all aimed at improving their wellbeing.

✓ Single subscription with a points-based benefits system.


Life insurance & rewards for companies to help protect and reward their employees.


Transform your employee experience and revolutionise your employee benefits and engagement programmes with Zest. The next generation of employee benefits technology has arrived!

💰 Equity

It's become increasingly common for businesses to distribute equity to employees in the form of restricted stock units, share options or warrants. These platforms have emerged to help businesses manage the distribution, vesting and sale of this equity, and employees with everything from vesting schedules to tax.


Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans with employees.

✓ Both business and employee facing app.

Capdesk helps you make the most of employee equity. Issue options easily, let stakeholders see how their equity vests and enable liquidity for stakeholders through secondaries.

🤝 Employee Engagement

Finally, no HR software stack is complete without a modern employee engagement solution. These tools help you stay on the cultural pulse of your workforce, gathering data and feedback to provide actionable insights for your People team.

employee engagement

Peakon is an employee success platform that surveys your employees, and converts their feedback into insights you can put to work.

✓ Largest global employee feedback data set in the world.

Culture Amp

employee engagement

Culture Amps quick to deploy platform provides continuous listening, feedback, and development tools throughout the employee lifecycle to quickly deliver the insights needed to confidently make decisions and effectively prioritise resources to maximise individual & organisational performance.

✓ Turnover prediction report


employee engagement

As a people management platform, Leapsome combines tools for Goals & OKRs Management, Performance Reviews & 360s, Employee Learning & Onboarding, Employee Engagement Surveys, Feedback & Praise, and Meetings.

✓ Incorporates every aspect of employee engagement.

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