60+ UK Cloud Finance Software Tools for the Modern CFO

Killing the spreadsheets and manual processes, one modern finance app at a time.

🔖 Billing solutions

A few applications that can help you automate your invoicing and enable your customers to pay in a way that suits them best. There are quite a lot of modern billing options; we only picked the three that are the most popular and differentiated.

Stripe is a go-to payment and billing solution for modern marketplaces and SaaS subscription businesses.

✓ Big and growing app marketplace of tools that integrate with it.
✓ We use it at Pento and love it.

💸 Payroll solutions

Below are two tools that can help you run UK payroll internally in the most simple and automated way possible.

Please note: there are several options for running payroll in the UK. Since our own solution (Pento) is in this category we only included two other tools that are highly differentiated from Pento.


★ No user reviews

Deel is the payroll platform for remote teams that connects localized compliance and payments in one system of record. Helping businesses hire anyone anywhere, either as independent contractors or full time employees (EOR).

📃 Accounts payable solutions

A collection of tools to help you automate the traditionally very time consuming accounts payable process (invoice approval and payments automation).


accounts payable

Automate accounts payable data capture and invoice coding. Review and approve purchase bills before you export to your cloud accounting software. No banking connection currently.

💳 Expense reporting tools

A few modern tools to help your employees seamlessly make expenses on behalf of the company without much overhead.



The old and robust expense solution used by millions of businesses around the world. Current minus in the UK is the lack of company expense cards (like the ones from Pleo, Spendesk, Expend or Soldo).

🏛️ SMB Neobanking solutions

These neobanks are not yet ready to accommodate finance needs of a bigger company. But if you are just starting out or have a small company these neobanks are becoming interesting banking options. Their advantage lies in modern interfaces and growing number of integrations with other apps.

💰 Modern SMB financing solutions

Here are a few modern options to help you fund your business. From salary financing, to invoice protection, crowdfunding and all the way to modern SMB loans.


Seedrs enables you to crowdfund your growing startup for an exchange in equity. They've had a few very big successes in the past like Revolut.



Fast, flexible loans from £10k to £1m. There is no interest payments - just a flat fee that you pay as your sales grow.

✓ Specialized in financing internet businesses (e-commerce, SaaS, etc.)



Turn your invoices data into revenue. Get up to 5% of your invoices value by selling invoice data. Not sure what are the implications on privacy here.

📊 Financial analytics and forecasting tools

Here a few apps to help you analyse your budgets and do advanced forecasting and move beyond the good old Excel.


Fathom is an easy to use management reporting and financial analysis tool, which helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB.


★ No user reviews

Digits is a very new entrant to the financial analytics space. Currently they offer insight into your expenses and connect to Xero, Quickbooks, etc.

✓ Top tier Silicon Valley team behind it.

📈 Subscription analytics tools

The two applications below are specifically built for subscription businesses that run on a popular payment processor like Stripe.


Subscription metrics

A set of outcome-centered products that reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription business end-to-end.

✓ Core SaaS metrics product is free forever.

🔏 Digital contract management tools

These two solutions below can help you streamline all your contract workflows, use digital signatures and have one secure storage for all your company contracts.

💷 POS systems

A few modern POS solutions in case your business has a retail presence and wants to accept payments. Just like with billing options, there are quite a lot of solutions out there, but we'll only mention two most modern ones here.


★ No user reviews

QuickOrder is a new and modern all-in-one POS solution for restaurants.

🙋 Employee scheduling solutions

The below tools enable you to effectively move away from messy spreadsheets for managing hourly workers and their work schedules.

🔢 Accounting tools

A few of the most notable apps to run your company accounting for different size of businesses. Obviously there are many more accounting software options out there. Currently we only list one app for each company size segment (starting from the smallest and finishing with the biggest).

🤖 Data automation and syncing tools

Because we now have an explosion of cloud applications, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem to keep all the data in sync. Here we present a few interesting option to help you automate and keep your important financial data in sync.

🚨 Accounts receivable dunning tools

With greater and greater real-time visibility into the status of invoice payments we can now also automate the age-old and super time consuming accounts receivable dunning process. Below you can find the top two tools in this category.

Other interesting finance tools

Below we've collected a bunch of tools that don't belong in any of the well-established categories above, but can be a big help to any UK finance team.

Tax credit claim

Faster and friction-free way to claim R&D tax credits at a fraction of the cost of using traditional advisors.

✓ Seems to have very good customer ratings.


Legal docs

Legal automation platform designed for startups and investors to create all the documents they need to do a UK funding round.

✓ Seems to be adored by UK startups.

Employee service

Back is a modern employee service platform that enables finance teams to manage and automate employee requests and recurring workflows. Finance teams use Back to respond to requests from employees, track approvals, automate recurring workflows, and collaborate with other teams such as HR.

Run UK payroll in minutes instead of days

Pento customers spend up to 80% less time on payroll and have a much easier payroll process with fewer errors.