Easy-to-use payroll solution for schools and universities.

Never get bogged down by endless payroll admin. With Pento, automate your entire payroll workflow and get expert guidance whenever you need.

Why struggle with a broken payroll process?

You're unable to make changes closer to payday due to long payroll windows and early cut-offs.

You're outsourcing your payroll but still have to do most of the payroll admin.

You're unable to help your teachers, professors, and support staff with their payroll queries.

You're constantly manipulating data manually to share with your payroll provider or for accounting purposes.

Make payroll a breeze.

With Pento,
Own your end-to-end payroll process
Provide a smooth payroll experience to your staff
Improve the efficiency of internal operations
Get advice for niche payroll issues

Our customer-facing teams are always ready to help.

Start before your next pay run

Let our dedicated Onboarding Manager take care of transferring your data and get you up and running before your next pay run.

Fast, reliable payroll guidance

From day-to-day payroll support to advice on niche payroll issues, our CIPP certified experts are here to help.

Customers love Pento for a good reason.

Excellent company. Customer service is exceptional. Through onboarding to using Pento for a year, we have felt supported and have high levels of confidence using this software and company.

Tammie Mills
Finance Manager, Pirate.com

A year since we started to use Pento and the flexibility and control in managing end to end payroll process removes the stress from payroll and has become an integral part of the finance tech stack for automation and seamless process.

Jim Brown
Chief Finance Officer, Recite Me

We've been very satisfied with Pento. They are extremely fast to respond and the product just work. I would highly recommend Pento to all fast-growing companies in the UK – it's a no-brainer and a big step up from previous solutions.

Jacob Andersen
Senior Finance Director, Pleo

Process your entire payroll in less than an hour.

With Pento, ditch the endless admin and embrace a digitised payroll solution.