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Key benefits

Run payroll at the click
of a button.

It’s the fastest payroll service ever made.

Fully connected to HMRC and pension providers

Pento automatically lets HMRC and pension providers know when you run payroll, and makes sure you stay compliant without all the hassle.

All payments
run automatically

Stop wasting your time making several individual payments every month. Pento pays your employees, pays taxes, and handles all social contribution payments. Like magic.

Built for first-timers
and pros

You don’t need a PhD in payroll to use Pento. However, if you do happen to have that PhD, Pento is also for you. Businesses of all shapes and sizes use Pento and you can too.

Your own payroll expert

When you run into problems, we're here to help you. And we won't let you wait. We strive to give you the best and quickest support possible. That's just who we are.

1000+ companies have already switched to Pento

You’ll feel the difference right away and understand why many other companies have chosen to replace their old payroll process with Pento. Get started today!