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See why more than 750 UK businesses decided to leave payroll outsourcing, spreadsheets, and PDFs behind - to run payroll with Pento in just
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Run payroll in minutes, not days

No more running payroll in spreadsheets, PDFs and emails. Pento automates the entire payroll process, letting you run payroll in just a few clicks every month.
*No prior payroll knowledge required. Everyone can do it.

Deep integrations to the tools you use

Keep your data in sync across Pento, pension providers, accounting tools and HR products.

Real-time connection to HMRC

Pento automatically updates tax codes and student loans in real-time.

All payments automated

Pento automatically executes all bank transfers to your employees, HMRC and pension providers.

No cut-off dates or deadlines. Ever.

With Pento, you can make edits to your payroll all the way up until the morning on pay day.
With Pento you’ll be running payroll in no time. Here’s our CEO showing you just how easy it is.

Deep integrations to the tools you use

Pento focuses 100% on payroll and integrates with other tools in your stack. From HMRC, to pension providers, HR, and accounting systems. Say goodbye to manual work.

You'll be in good company

9 out of 10 of our customers were previously outsourcing payroll to an accountant or payroll bureau. With Pento, they now run payroll in a few clicks every month.

We've made it easy to switch to Pento. Like, very easy.

We do all of the heavy lifting (data migration), and help you connect Pento to HMRC, pension, accounting and HR.
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