Pento vs Payroll Outsourcing

See how Pento drastically simplifies the payroll process while saving you money and time.

Running payroll with Pento

  • Instant and transparent calculations
  • Automatic sync with pension providers
  • Automatic bank payouts
  • Quick 2-min payroll support
  • Integrations to accounting and HR tools
  • Automatic distribution of payslips

Running payroll traditionally

  • Spreadsheets, PDFs, long email threads
  • Uploading pension files manually
  • Manual bank transfers
  • Slow and expensive email support
  • Manual data entry to accounting and HR tools
  • Emailing out individual payslips

Step by step comparison of  a payroll run

Pento saves you time, money and prevents manual errors

Payroll outsourcing


Step 1: Make sure earnings input and output are correct

  • Make earnings changes in Pento
  • Double-check (in real-time) if output looks correct
  1. Set up master spreadsheet
  2. Send master sheet to 3rd party
  3. Wait 2-4 days to get output back
  4. Make amendments to master sheet and send back
  5. Repeat until all change requests have been added and there's no additional input changes to be made
  6. Wait 1-2 days for 3rd party to send back output reports in Excel and PDF format
Payroll outsourcing

Step 2: Send payroll draft for approval to management

  • Payroll admin notifies an approver that payroll is ready for approval
  • Approver logs in to Pento
  • Approver checks the final payroll
  • Approver clicks "confirm" and authenticates payroll
  • COMING SOON:  Automated approval flow to further simplify this process.
  • Download payroll draft in Excel or PDF format
  • Sometimes a deviation report (difference between this and previous month) is generated
  • Payroll admin sends documents to whoever approves the payroll
  • Approver goes through several documents (usually just looks at final totals + deviation report)
  • Payroll admin gets approval by e-mail (if approver doesn't approve, go back to step 1 and repeat)
Payroll outsourcing

Step 3: Report to HMRC

  • NO WORK: Pento automatically reports to HMRC
  • 3rd party activates this via payroll software they use
Payroll outsourcing

Step 4: Report to pension provider

  • NO WORK: For NEST, Smart Pension, The People's Pension: Pento does this automatically
  • For all other pension providers: The payroll admin downloads a csv file and uploads it with the pension provider
  • For all pension providers: 3rd party downloads pension file in csv format from payroll software
  • Option 1: 3rd party uploads the file to the pension provider
  • Option 2: 3rd party sends the pension file to the payroll admin who then uploads it to the pension provider
Payroll outsourcing

Step 5: Generate payslips and send them to employees

  • NO WORK: Pento automatically generates and delivers payslips to your employees via email
  • Receive PDF payslips from 3rd party
  • Distribute payslips individually to your employees via emails
Payroll outsourcing

Step 6: Distribute bank payments to your employees

  • NO WORK: Pento automatically executes all bank payments
  • Option 1: 3rd party sends you a bank file to execute payments and you execute a batch payment in your bank
  • Option 2: You execute payments manually based on final output from 3rd party
Payroll outsourcing

Extra: Adding a new employee

  • Add a new employee and earnings in Pento - Pento automatically pro-rates the first month's salary based on starting date and auto-enrolls your employee into pension
  • Send an email to 3rd party about your new employee, start date, earnings and pension
  • 3rd party manually enrolls employee into pension (sometimes for additional fee)
  • 3rd party confirms the addition of the new employee and prepares the calculations
Payroll outsourcing

Extra: Terminating an employee

  • Terminate employee in Pento with a click
  • Pento automatically generates and sends P45 form to your employee
  • Notify 3rd party about the employee leaving and the termination details
  • 3rd party sends you P45 form for your employee
  • Send P45 form to your terminated employee
Payroll outsourcing

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