3 Things That Will Change Payroll Outsourcing Forever
Back in the day, employees used to collect all paper receipts and hand it over to an accountant who’d then manually add everything to the books. Now we have user-friendly and well-designed expense management tools making it easy for employees to ...
06-Mar-2019 15:19:26
4 powerful SaaS tools we use to automate finance tasks
At Pento we’re (obviously) quite interested in new SaaS. Especially, when it comes to fintech. We’re fascinated by how quickly things are changing in finance, and how companies embracing the change are seeing significant wins in productivity, both ...
21-Feb-2019 11:27:12
Company retreat in Budapest: Why we bring the team together for a week
The Pento team is spread across 5 cities with half the team at our office in Copenhagen. We’re running a remote-first approach to company culture, and we’re very serious about making Pento a great and productive place to work.
19-Feb-2019 09:36:28
Building a remote-first company: 4 things we've learned
Since we wrote the first line of code for Pento a little over 2 years ago, we knew we wanted to do things a bit differently. We were done trying to fit into the traditional 9-5 way of working, and we knew we could build a much more productive and ...
15-Feb-2019 09:27:36
The future of payroll is coming to the UK: Here's what it looks like
Something exciting is happening in the financial space these days. New bank alternatives like Revolut, Monzo, Tide, and Starling are popping up to make life easier for SMBs. They are changing people’s perception of a good banking experience, and ...
13-Feb-2019 13:59:40
Why fintech might hold the next big employee benefit for modern companies
Consumer fintech is booming. Bank alternatives like Revolut, N26 and Monzo are growing extremely fast and setting new standards for what you can expect from your bank. The consumer-friendly, mobile-first approach is what attracts the new generation ...
11-Feb-2019 15:05:21