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Let Pento save you a ton of time on payroll and HR

Pento Payroll

Hundreds of companies are no longer relying on spreadsheets and manual bank transfers to get payroll done. There's a new and better way.

Pento HR

Wouldn't it be great, if you could have payroll and HR in one place? What if your employees could have their own login, too? With Pento it's now possible.

Why we built Pento and how it's different from what you know

Old payroll and HR software are not built for the way we work today. Most companies spend too much time sending e-mails and Excel sheets back and forth to their accountant, transferring money manually, and trying to make sure all data is synced up across all products and sheets all the time. We're changing that, and at the same time making it all a much greater experience for the employee.

Full of features to make you work smarter

No e-mails, no spreadsheets, no manual bank transfers, no catching up. It's all automated and fully synced.

Let us show you how Pento can save you money

Curious to know how it works? Let's give you a tour of Pento, so you can see if it's a good fit for your business.