How Starling Bank took back control of their payroll with Pento

“We have been impressed with their well-designed UI and smooth integration with our other workplace tools and are looking forward to continuing our work together.”

Banking and Finance
London, UK

Payroll challenges at Starling Bank before Pento

Flawed process

Frustrated team

Starling Bank's success with Pento

Supportive buying and onboarding experience

Signed up in 2 weeks – Starling Bank instantly realised the value Pento could add to their payroll process. The buying process only lasted for a couple of weeks.

Quick response time – Pento’s team was always around to resolve their product and payroll queries and Starling Bank loved that. While it would take days with other providers, it was a matter of minutes with Pento.

No manual work and complete automation

No duplicate entries between BambooHR and Pento – All employee information from BambooHR, including new joiners and leavers, is updated automatically and in real-time. No manual intervention whatsoever!

Real-time control over all payroll data and process

Access to real-time payroll data – With Pento, Starling’s payroll team can download any employee, tax, or payment-related data to run their analysis.

No cut-off dates to change employee payslips – With Pento, Starling can change employees' payslips until the day before payday, without any additional costs.

Easy to use, modern interface

Getting started is simple – In Nick’s words: “I was expecting a long and daunting integration process but it all went very smoothly.” After Nick set up Starling’s Pento account, Tess from his team could immediately pick up without any extra assistance.

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  • Real-time changes and calculations

  • Employee data stored in one secure place

  • Automated payouts (employees, HMRC)

  • Real-time variance report

  • Integration to accounting / ERP software

  • Integration to HR software

  • Pro-rata & holiday pay calculated automatically