How Forecast found a reliable payroll partner in Pento to expand their UK operations

"I’d heard about Pento before, but never used it. When we were entering the UK market I quickly needed a solution to support our payroll process and Pento came to mind."

100+ employees
London, UK

Forecast's challenge

Forecast is a fast growing company that is rapidly expanding into the UK market. At the start of 2020 they needed to find a scalable and modern way to pay their new UK team. Finance director Amjad Khan has heard about Pento while at his previous company and turned to us with the following challenges:

Onboarding to Pento

Once Forecast transferred the initial employee data, Pento’s team imported it all to the platform. This means that everything was ready for Forecast to get started once they logged on to the platform and there was no manual entry needed. All they had to do was connect to HMRC and the pension provider and they were ready to run UK payroll the very next day.

The Pento solution

Here’s the parts of Pento’s solution that are the most valuable for Forecast:

The Key Outcomes for Forecast

Forecast has been running Pento for the past couple of months while quickly scaling their UK team. Here’s the most important results for them:

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  • Real-time changes and calculations

  • Employee data stored in one secure place

  • Automated payouts (employees, HMRC)

  • Real-time variance report

  • Integration to accounting / ERP software

  • Integration to HR software

  • Pro-rata & holiday pay calculated automatically