Still outsourcing payroll? Why compromise?

Say goodbye to inefficient processes and artificial deadlines. With Pento, run payroll efficiently while getting reliable, expert support.

Outsourcing payroll is flawed by design.

Inefficient, cumbersome, time-consuming, error-prone, anxiety-inducing. Outsourcing is broken.
Out of your control
The bureau imposes mid-month cut-off dates to improve their efficiency. But what about the employee experience of your new hires? What about your productivity?
Endless manual work
Hired a bureau but feel like you’re doing their job? You’re not alone. The back and forth over emails and spreadsheets, manual double-entries, double-checks – it never ends.
No visibility
Anything can go wrong anytime when everything is manual. The lack of visibility and transparency is a constant source of anxiety.
Reduce time spent on payroll by 80%

Hate outsourcing payroll? We fixed it and you’ll love it.

Pento is replacing the old-school payroll outsourcing by enabling People and Finance teams with modern payroll software and expert support.

Redesigning payroll for today’s fast-paced teams

Get time and energy back in the day to focus on impactful work. Put payroll on autopilot with Pento.
Automated calculations
Pento will automatically adjust earnings and contributions as they happen, in real-time.
No deadlines
Make changes right up until pay day. Run payroll confidently in minutes – not weeks!
Approval flow
Set up your formal approval flow in Pento to ensure your payrolls are correctly handled and audited.
Reliable support
Our dedicated team is always around to help with anything from day-to-day queries to complex payroll issues.
Automated compliance
Pento syncs with HMRC to auto-update student loans and tax codes. We also submit reports and automate tax payments.
Tight-knit integrations
Never make another double entry. Connect Pento to your favourite HRIS, accounting system and pension providers.

Confirm your payroll. Leave the rest to Pento.

Once confirmed, Pento automatically pays employees and HMRC, reports contributions to pension providers, submits payroll journal, and sends payslips to employees.

Ready to switch your payroll provider?

Our Onboarding team makes the transition smooth and easy!

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