Simple and Automated Payroll for the New UK Team

Good Monday's challenge

In January 2020, Good Monday started its expansion into the UK market. The finance function of the company is based in Copenhagen and they were looking for the simplest solution to run payroll for their UK-based employees.

These were their top challenges:

  • How can Good Monday run UK payroll without much prior insight into payroll rules? What would be the simplest way to run payroll - starting with just a few employees?
  • Can the solution support their UK growth? Good Monday is set to repeat its success from Denmark in the UK. Can the payroll partner support their growth without too much manual work and additional overhead?
When we first looked at the UK payroll market we were surprised there weren’t more sophisticated solutions out there. Most companies seem to rely on external payroll providers, but we’re used to running payroll through software in Denmark so we wanted something similar for the UK. Luckily we heard about Pento just at the time of our decision.
Alex Nazaruk, Country Manager

Onboarding to Pento

Good Monday started their UK team with just a few employees. Pento helped them import all necessary employee and company information. They simply connected to HMRC and their pension provider within Pento and were ready to start running payroll. The whole onboarding process was completed in less than 1 day.

The Pento solution

Good Monday’s finance team has now been using Pento for the past few months. Here’s the Pento features that make it possible to run a smooth payroll process:

  • Complete UK payroll automation: Pento helps Good Monday eliminate all highly repetitive payroll processes: from HMRC reporting, automatic pension enrolment, making all bank transfers and distributing payslips to employees.
  • Extremely quick payroll support: Whenever Alex and his colleagues have a UK-specific payroll related question they get an answer from Pento’s customer success team via chat in just minutes.
  • Adding new employees in just a few clicks: It’s crucial for Good Monday to not spend much time on payroll as they scale the UK division. When a new employee joins, they simply input the basic info and Pento automatically enrols them into pension.
Tech startup
London, UK
40 employees
Pento has been really helpful for us. We aim to spend our time on high-level tasks that can make a substantial impact to the success of our company and not be bogged down by manual tasks. That’s exactly what Pento enables us: we only have to care about changing the earnings data each month. All the other small tasks like dealing with the pension provider, payslips, HMRC are taken care of by Pento. I highly recommend Pento to every UK finance team that wants to focus their efforts on important finance decisions and not be dealing with sending spreadsheets back and forth with external payroll providers.
Alex Nazaruk
Country Manager

The Key Outcomes for Good Monday

Good Monday is scaling their UK team and its payroll process without any hiccups on Pento:

  • No hassle onboarding: Good Monday was able to run UK payroll within Pento literally within a day from submitting their employee data.
  • Pento is built for scale: Good Monday is looking to grow very fast in the UK. So far they’ve already added a few more employees on their payroll. Pento even helps them automatically prorate earnings when employees join mid-month and easily compare and highlight differences from one payroll to another. It takes Good Monday 3 minutes to add a new employee to payroll.
  • They can easily run UK payroll with no prior experience: This was Good Monday’s first expansion outside of Denmark, and the finance team was worried about running payroll on their own. Luckily, Pento is built to enable everyone to run payroll - without any prior experience. Good Monday run payroll in less than 10 minutes.


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No more running payroll in spreadsheets & emails.

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