Primer Now Runs Payroll In Just a Few Minutes

Primer's challenge

Primer is a fresh new tech startup that got started just a few months ago. The founders are technologists - not finance people. Naturally, they were a bit concerned running payroll on their own with Pento.

So they had two main challenges when approaching Pento:

  • Can Primer easily manage payroll on their own? Is Pento simple enough for the founders to just run payroll by themselves for now without any help from an external accountant?
  • Can Pento support their rapid growth? Primer is a startup that is set to grow extremely fast so naturally they need a payroll partner that can support that so they won’t need to switch the provider very soon.
London, UK
90 employees
HMRC, pension provider
Primer is a fast-growing, modern fintech focusing on consolidation of payments services for e-commerce merchants. My co-founder and I previously worked at PayPal, and recognise how many finance processes remain stuck in the past. We're always aiming to use the simplest, most advanced finance solutions on the market." "We cannot spend time chasing external payroll service providers and managing the complexity and administrative burden associated with this. Pento caught our attention on the premise that everyone can and should be able to run payroll seamlessly. This aligns with our own vision of how modern finance tools should work.
Paul Anthony

The switch to Pento

Because Primer started their journey on Pento as a very small new company, the onboarding took only a few minutes.

Once they had their employee data in Pento, they simply established a connection to HMRC and their pension provider, and completed a quick KYB check. And that was it. They were then able to run payroll the very next day.

The Pento solution

Primer has now been running payroll with Pento for the past four months. Here are the main benefits of the solution:

  • Full UK payroll automation: Pento helps Primer automate all the boring and highly repetitive payroll processes: from automatic pension enrolment, HMRC reporting, all bank transfers, and payslip generation and distribution to employees.
  • Informative and quick payroll support: Whenever Paul and his colleagues have a payroll related question they simply reach out to Pento's customer success team and get replies within a few minutes.
  • Simple addition of new employees: It’s crucial for Primer to not spend much time on payroll as they scale the company. Whenever a new employee joins, they simply input the basic employee info and Pento automatically enrols them into their pension plan. That’s it.

The Key Outcomes for Primer

Primer has achieved the most important goals of running payroll with Pento:

  • Simple to get started: It took less than a day for Primer to be able to run fully automated payroll with Pento.
  • Anyone can run payroll with Pento: Their initial worry about running payroll internally without much prior experience turned out to be unnecessary. Pento’s user experience is built from the ground up to be extremely easy to use. And in case they have any questions, they simply ask Pento’s customer success team. Primer’s team literally spends just a few minutes each month on payroll, which saves them precious time they can spend on more important tasks.
  • Pento is built for scale: Primer has been quickly adding employees as they scale without any problems and with Pento already serving much bigger customers they have the confidence to rely on Pento for the long term.

Our experience with Pento has been purely positive. We quickly gained the confidence to run payroll on our own and the Pento customer success team has been there in an instant whenever we've had a payroll or product related question. It’s a no-brainer for modern scale-ups, and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with payroll. It’s how payroll should be.
Paul Anthony

What's next?

Pento is constantly adding more functionality to its product. Soon Primer's employees will be able to get a preview of their next payroll to further avoid any possible errors, making the whole payroll experience even more stress-free for the admins.


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No more running payroll in spreadsheets & emails.

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