Why Finance Teams Love Pento

Team Pento
3 mins

Digitisation has streamlined so many of our processes - from accounting to cashflow, expense management and challenger banks - but payroll has been left behind for too long. Disjointed and inefficient systems make it a time-consuming and expensive process for many businesses. We knew there had to be a better way.

That’s why we built Pento with modern finance teams in mind. Our automated payroll and easy integration means less time spent communicating with outsourced payroll providers, and more time spent on the work that really matters: adding value to your business.

Since 2016, we’ve helped 700+ businesses ditch payroll outsourcing and enter a new era of quick and easy automated payroll. Our cloud-based intuitive software automates everything from tax calculations to HMRC payments and integrates with tools like Xero, letting you run payroll for any business in minutes not days.

Our customers tell us their finance teams love Pento, here are four reasons why:

1. It takes 80% less time

Yes, you read right: 80% less time. Think of what you could do with all that time saved.  We believe finance teams should be focusing on the high-value, strategic work that really benefits your business. So that’s why we designed Pento to handle the time-consuming, arduous processes that can make payroll a real task. Pento automatically adjusts earnings and contributions in real time, as well as automating payments to HMRC and pension providers.

Gone are the days of being tied to the strict input deadline required by an outsourced provider (often five days or more before your payroll date). With Pento you can make last minute changes and onboard new employees right up until payroll, meaning you can manage your time more flexibly and with less stress.

2. Fewer manual errors

Many companies still rely on email, spreadsheets and PDFs to process payroll. Manual input and clumsy spreadsheets can easily lead to payroll mistakes - and errors can mean delays and disgruntled employees.

With Pento, you cut the margin for error. Pro-rata calculations are made automatically and pay additions and deductions are added in just a few clicks. Our cloud-based platform automatically generates bank payouts and distributes incredibly clear digital payslips, which also track bonuses and benefit-related deductions like private health care or the cycle to work scheme. And we’ve designed the whole process to be so easy to use, no prior knowledge of payroll is required.

3. Integrations

In today’s ever more complex world, with constantly changing tax and compliance obligations and increasing numbers of contract and remote workers, ensuring your payroll is fully integrated with the rest of your business has never been more important.

Some of the ways Pento integrates with other key processes:

  • HMRC - Pento automatically connects, calculates and makes payments to HMRC each time you do payroll. Pento makes PAYE and NIC calculations and payments, notifies you of any changes to employee tax codes, and syncs with student loans data.
  • Pension - Pento checks if employees are eligible for pension and automatically sends out enrolment letters, and then reports each payroll to your pension providers. We are already connected to providers like Nest, The People’s Pension and Smart Pensions.
  • HR - Pento and HR systems like BambooHR and HiBob automatically sync employee data. We even create new joiners and calculate holiday pay outs for leavers.
  • Accounting platforms - And there’s no need to worry about changing your existing accounting platform, Pento integrates with platforms like Xero and Quickbooks, automatically updating the correct journals for your finance team. We’re working on syncing with other platforms like Sage and NetSuite - watch this space.

4. Super quick support

We’ve built Pento so you can run payroll by yourself. But don’t worry we’re not leaving you out on your own. If you need our help we have a team of in-house payroll experts who are on hand to answer your questions.