At Pento, we spent the summer bringing you features that eliminate manual work so you can devote time for things that matter. Also, rest assured that we’ve taken care of compliance and seamless reporting while automating the mundane. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Report costs at all levels with Custom Organisational Fields

As your company grows, it’s imperative to stay on top of costs, especially employee pay. Now with Pento, you can group employees based on Location, Cost Centre or more and export payroll data to run your own cost analysis.

Recurring pay items

With recurring pay items, create and add flexible additions and deductions that aren’t covered in existing schemes (like Benefits in Kind) to your employee payroll. You can choose if they are taxable, subject to National Insurance or pensionable. For instance, remote-first companies can set the duration to add work-from-home allowances or hospitality companies can accommodate troncs using recurring pay items.

Exclude specific employees in Hibob and BambooHR from payroll

Manage the payroll of contractors or employees who don’t reside in the UK outside of Pento, without removing them from your HR software. Just filter them out with any criteria (like location) used in your HR software.

Shared parental leave

Now with Pento, you can track employees who share their parental leave with their partner. Add it as a pay item in the employee payslip and we’ll capture the partner’s details for compliant reporting to HMRC.

The future of payroll with Pento 🚀

At Pento, we’ve built the future of payroll and are on a mission to become a category leader in a space that has been demanding change, and a modern approach to payroll for years. While 750+ companies have already validated that Pento is on the right path, we’re always growing and improving!

The next set of updates will revolve around payments, Attachment of Earnings (AOE) and more. Stay tuned!

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