It's 2021. And it's no news that finance and people teams still struggle to manage HR and payroll. What could be a smooth hand-off from hiring to HR and payroll turns into a cumbersome process that ruins employee experience and takes time away from mission-critical work.

These problems might sound small initially but soon turn into a bottleneck as organisations scale. Fast-growing companies understand this and are changing how these functions behave. People and Finance teams don't just manage day-to-day operations but are also strategic think-tanks.

Top talent is going global. And to attract, hire and retain top talent, people teams are turning into strategic partners. They are moving away from managing calendars to automating operations and providing an exceptional experience from the first interview till their exit. On the other end, finance teams are surfacing out of buried spreadsheets and embracing automation. They prefer new-age tech to automate menial tasks around payroll and accounting while tracking and sharing progress on financial metrics.

Why real-time integrations play the lead role for digital-first People and Finance teams

On a strategic level, the real-time integration between Personio, all-in-one HR platform, and Pento provides a unified view of everything HR and payroll. When you get to daily operations, the real-time integration:

Making employee data available in real-time with a click of a button was central to this integration. Integrations with a delay cause misinformation and delays in decision-making. We understand that teams need a view and access to data as and when it happens.

How the Personio and Pento integration works today

With the current version, you can sync employee information, include holiday pay in pension calculations, exclude specific employees, map Personio fields to Pento and see it all work in real-time! Learn more about setting up the integration here.

The future of Personio and Pento's integration and strategic partnership

"Both Personio and Pento share a vision to help organisations unlock their productivity, and our partnership is a testament to that. HR and payroll are people-centric functions, but complex processes take time away from keeping those same people happy and productive. We hope together we can reduce the manual load away from People and Finance teams toward more automated workflows and enable them to become strategic partners in their organisation."

- Hugues Vincent, Head of Product Partnerships, Personio

At Pento, we are excited to bring world-class HR and payroll together for all of our customers. We have found the best partners in Personio, and we can't wait to show you what the future holds! Stay tuned!