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Introducing weekly payroll and support for flexible workers in the UK

Harshita Kumbhar
September 21, 2023

Payroll is tedious, manual, time-consuming, and error-prone. You have to ensure you’re always compliant while paying your employees accurately, on time, every time.

It’s easier when you’re a team of 10, with everyone on a straightforward, monthly payroll. But as you scale in team size, introduce benefits and enable teams to work more flexibly, your payroll admin increases, most times by 4x.

People, Finance, and Payroll teams often bear the brunt of growing payroll challenges.

  • Imagine running payroll multiple times every month or managing employees who work a non-conventional schedule like part-time, flexitime, zero hours, shift patterns, etc. The more complex payroll gets, the more challenging it becomes to manage it – be it increased payroll admin or a heightened risk of errors.
  • All employers want to provide a smooth payroll experience to employees but it becomes especially important in industries where employees heavily rely on their wages.

While outsourcing to payroll bureaus seems like a reliable option, you’re forced to build and manage processes to cater to the demands and timelines of your payroll providers. It also gets more difficult to have complete transparency or control over your payroll. On the other end, legacy ERPs are expensive and limited with their capabilities and user experience.

Pento is the only modern payroll solution in the UK that supports all your payroll needs

In addition to our monthly and fortnightly payroll, you can now run weekly payroll with Pento. We’re also introducing support for flexible working patterns – if you have part-time payroll, zero-hour workers, workers who are on 4-day weeks – we’ll support them and more with our cloud-based payroll software solution.

With these updates to weekly payroll and support for flexible workers, more businesses in the UK can leverage Pento.

  • Edit employee pay until the night before payday, without any deadlines or cut-offs.
  • Automate and run payroll calculations in real-time including pro-rata, sick pay, National Insurance contributions and more.
  • Automate salary payouts to employees and tax payments to HMRC. 
  • Auto-sync employee tax codes and student loans with HMRC so you're always compliant.
  • Get best-in-class support, advice and guidance from payroll experts.

With Pento, UK businesses are running their payroll in 45 mins with Pento, down from the average 7-8 days with any other provider.

Get a sneak peek into weekly payroll and support for flexible workers - #PentoForEveryone

From our Fireside chat with Mark Hassan-Ali, People Director at N Family Club to a live demo of running weekly payroll and supporting flexible working patterns with Pento, we covered it all! Watch the recording here.

About Pento

Pento is a payroll software UK solution that ensures People, Finance, and Payroll teams can run stress-free payroll without any errors by automating repetitive manual tasks, removing payroll deadlines, and offering expert payroll guidance.

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