February updates - a new employee timeline, Xero cost centres and pay items import

Team Pento
4 mins

A new year means new features here at Pento. We’ve been hard at work throughout January, developing new ideas to continue helping you to simplify your payroll.  As we head into early spring we wanted to share some of what we’ve been working on.


Xero cost centres

To help you understand at a glance the payroll costs of various parts of your business, we’ve added the option of organising your journal entries by department in our first accounting integration, Xero.


To do this, simply head to the Employees/Departments section and allocate employees to the relevant departments.  Once done, go to your Xero integration screen, select which journal entries to split and map them to your account in Xero.

Xero integration screen, with the option to split by department

Employee timeline

At Pento, we understand how important it is to track any changes to an employee’s record for audit purposes, so we’ve made it simpler with our new employee timeline feature.  Simply click on the Activity tab to see a full rundown of changes made since the employee record was created.

Our new employee timeline

Import pay items

We know the time it takes to add even a few pay items to individual employees each month, so now you can add them all in just a few clicks!  Just upload a CSV file and you’re away.


Simply go to your payroll draft and click on the “...” in the top right corner to get started. You can upload a CSV file or enter the items manually. Once uploaded, the pay items will appear on an employee’s payslips and you can remove if needed.

A simpler way to import pay items

Enhanced Paternity Leave

To ensure we’re covering every compensation scenario you encounter, we’ve now added Enhanced Paternity Leave to our parental pay options, making it even easier to set up company-wide paternity leave policies. 


If you offer employees more than the statutory leave and pay, you can set up your Enhanced Paternity Leave policy in the Company/Policies tab.  You then just add the policy when setting up an employee’s paternity leave. 


Our parental pay option allows you to enter expected due dates as well as leave start and end dates; from which our calculation magic gets to work to ensure correct payments from start to finish.  No more worrying about adding it to payroll each month, Pento will do it for you. Our smart software calculates statutory pay alongside contractual pay and adds it to your employee’s payslips.

Enhanced paternity leave

Maternity pay schedule

The next update to our parental pay options is a new schedule feature for maternity pay.  To help your employee better plan for the months ahead, we have added a pay schedule which allows them to see upfront exactly what they will be paid each month of their leave. You can even use this function with your Enhanced Maternity Pay policy.

Maternity pay schedule

We’ve got more exciting developments on the horizon, including a feature to streamline your approval flow, plus payrolling benefits. We look forward to sharing these with you soon! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on these updates so please reach out via chat.