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20+ UK Cloud HR software tools for the modern people team

Harshita Kumbhar
January 27, 2021

Hire top talent, fast


Building a strong team is the backbone of any scaling business. Finding software tools that help you source, interview and offer to new employees are just as important as the team doing the hiring.

We've included software tools that span from small businesses through to those hiring hundreds of employees every year.

Workable is a best-in-class suite of recruitment tools, processes, and automation in one complete solution. It helps companies of all sizes manage everything from team referrals to video interviews, as well as automating reporting.

With an applicant tracking system and robust candidate relationship management system in one platform, Lever is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Their all-in-one platform allows recruiters and hiring managers to focus on building relationships so candidates can find the best fit.

Greenhouse is a recruiting platform that improves your entire recruiting process. From finding, tracking, and vetting to hiring the best candidates, Greenhouse makes recruiting the strategic advantage that moves your company forward.

Otta is a jobs platform that helps candidates find jobs at tech companies. Job postings on Otta aggregates a lot of information about the company (founder bios, employee reviews, salaries, industry) along with the roles offered and has become the preferred way for many tech companies to recruit.

Focus on people, automate the HR operations


Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are the core of your HR stack as they allow you to manage all aspects of employee information, from holiday pay to personal contact details.

Designed for companies over 100 employees, bob radically streamlines admin and improves employees experiences with a smart mobile app, a personalised benefits store and inviting onboarding and survey tools.

Personio is the modern all-in-one HR Solution made for SMEs. It helps HR and people teams spend less time on processes and more time on people, with solutions for both HR processes and recruitment, and integrations with leading payroll providers.

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software solution that sets people free to do great work, for small and medium businesses that want to move away from using spreadsheets and/or organise their HR data.

Humaans is built to be at the core of the HR tech stack. Mobile first and designed with distributed teams in mind, it features a beautiful people directory, document storage, time off tracking, visual reporting, and integrates with Slack, GSuite, Pento, and more.

CharlieHR is an HRIS built for small teams to automate HR tasks. Trusted by 7000+ companies to help manage their teams, Charlie offers both a software platform and expert guidance on HR challenges to help companies stay compliant and elevate their HR function.

Automate all payroll admin and get time back in the day


A wave of automations of manual processes have swept across the HR/People tool stack in recent years.

Payroll is no exception to this, with new tools emerging helping companies pay their employees in an efficient and compliant way, whether they’re hiring locally or abroad.

Pento makes it simple for internal finance team to run payroll in just a few clicks. It calculates taxes, makes all the payments, reports to HMRC & pension providers and connects to other cloud applications. No more spreadsheets and long emails.

Oyster helps cross-border teams manage all aspects of their global payroll and compliance. With a large network of local partners, Oyster takes the pain out of global payroll and allows teams to reduce payroll costs and spend less time on manual tasks.

Offer the best to your employees, always


Forget about free coffee and tea, monthly £10 gift cards and plushy office furniture. To retain and attract the best talent in today’s competitive market, companies are looking to more flexible and personalised benefits that better meet the needs of employees.

Perkbox is a global employee benefits and rewards platform offering more more than 4,000 perks and discounts. It helps over 4,500 companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are or what they want.

Spill is an all-in-one mental health support for employees, directly within Slack or MS Teams. Employees can access therapy sessions and regular feelings check-ins and Spill also offers mental health training for managers.

Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform that encourages employees to give small bonuses to each other for going above and beyond their job descriptions. Employees can redeem these points for tangible rewards.

Ben is an ​​all-in-one employee benefits platform that allows companies to offer 100% flexible employee benefits with 0% admin. Companies can offer a range of core benefits or allow employees to choose their own benefits with a Ben Mastercard.

Increase retention with continuous engagement

Employee engagement

No HR software stack is complete without a modern employee engagement solution. These tools help you stay on the cultural pulse of your workforce, gathering data and feedback to provide actionable insights for your People team.

Leapsome is focused on people enablement, providing a suite of tools for performance reviews, goal setting, and feedback. It's an end-to-end solution that helps people leaders get the most out of their teams, integrated with your company’s HRIS, Slack, MS Teams and calendar.

Lattice is a people success platform which connects performance management, employee engagement, and career development in one unified solution.

Culture Amp is a tool that measures and improves employee experience. With its survey platform, you can collect feedback from your team and take action to improve your workplace.

Encourage productive workplace conversations

Internal communications

Finally, with the rise of remote work, modern People teams are reconsidering what makes a great office environment, whether their team is remote, in an office or somewhere in between.

We’ve included a set of tools that help companies find office space and centralise communication and information in their ‘virtual office’.

Hubble gives you access to the UK's largest selection of office space. Whether you're looking for a new permanent HQ or just access to a co-working space for a day, Hubble can fulfil workspace needs for small startups or large companies alike.

For many small and medium-sized companies, Notion acts as an ‘online office’. It helps remote teams stay on the same page by centralising information in one place and providing a hub for asynchronous communication.

Slack is a workplace messaging app for remote collaboration, which links with third-party applications, including Zoom and GSuite. Remote-first companies also use it to encourage "watercooler" interactions between team members, with dedicated channels for informal chats and resource sharing.

Whereby is a video call platform which aims to be the easiest way to connect over video – with no app or software download required. It works ideally for remote- or hybrid-first teams as a virtual meeting room.

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