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There is so much we can do to make payroll more efficient for companies, and more transparent, flexible, and user-friendly for employees. Full automation unlocks so many ways for modern workplaces to tackle difficult problems, better serve their employees, and give them the experiences they deserve. Building the best possible payroll workflow for companies and payroll admins is just the beginning — being an employee on the receiving end of payroll is still extremely intransparent and inflexible. We’re going to change that.


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It's about time we bring payroll to this century.

Many business processes have been automated and made simpler for companies to run. Just not when it comes to payroll. Payroll software hasn't changed in the last 20 years and still require huge amounts of manual labour, which risks errors of over 50%.

We are here to change that. We believe that we can make the complex simple. We provide your business a product that brings you real value, rather than stealing your valuable time. Welcome to the future of payroll administration.


All of your hard working employees deserve a better and more flexible payday.

In their spare time, your employees are modern consumers. They transfer money to their friends with Revolut, share photos on Instagram and put money aside with apps like Plum. 

When they get paid by their workplace, however, they receive an incomprehensible gray pdf file with a lot of numbers on it.

You know you can do better than that. And we will do better together. Payroll of the future is user-friendly, easy to use, and flexible.

Vi vil ændre din opfattelse af løn

Vi har stiftet Pento, fordi vi tror på, at løn bør være mere end en ufleksibel transaktion og en grå lønseddel. Vores første skridt var at gøre lønadministrationen mere effektiv for virksomheden. Vores næste skridt: medarbejderen.

Emil Hagbarth

Co-Founder, CTO

Jonas Bøgh Larsen

Co-Founder, CEO

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