Spend 80% less time on payroll every month.

Meet Pento, an automated payroll solution that comes with reliable support from payroll experts. Automate everything from salary calculations to HMRC payments and run payroll in minutes, not weeks.

Trusted by modern People and Finance teams across the UK

Outsourcing payroll is a compromise. With Pento, it’s frictionless.

No emails, no spreadsheets. Run payroll in a few clicks.

Adjust pay, review changes, approve and pay. Payroll has never looked this streamlined.

Make adjustments

Make changes until payday. Pento automatically adjusts earnings and contributions as they happen.

Review and approve

Ensure accurate payroll processing.
Set up approval flows, get a payroll summary, and a detailed audit trail.

Automate payments

Automate all outgoing payments to employees and HMRC with a single payment.

Modern payroll with Pento, explained.

Outsourcing payroll to bureaus is outdated. With Pento, ditch the endless spreadsheets, emails, and back and forth.
Get time back in the day

Easy to use payroll software

Automate the manual work around calculations, reduce human errors, and get time back in the day to do impactful work. No bureau, no artificial deadlines.
Automated salary and tax calculations
Automate payouts with a single payment
Edit pay until payday
Never run payroll alone

Reliable support from payroll experts

Payroll is complex and our CIPP accredited experts are just the right people to help you through it. Get help from humans, not bots, be it a small product query to elaborate payroll issues.
CIPP accredited payroll specialists
Dedicated onboarding to ensure a smooth transition
Extensive help center
Your payroll, your process

Ultimate visibility, flexibility and control

With Pento, payroll is no more black box. Everything works in real-time. You have access to information when you need it. You control your payroll process, work your own deadlines.
Detailed audit trail
Custom data exports
Multi-user approval flow
Connect Pento to your stack

Direct integrations with your favourite software

HRIS, accounting software, pension providers - Pento seamlessly integrates with all the tools in your stack. Easily plug using API keys or login information and get started.
Import employee and salary information
Map payroll to the right journal
Auto-update student loans and tax codes
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I don’t know how I ran payroll with outsourcers.
Now that I have been using Pento to run payroll,
I can’t ever go back to outsourcing.
Aisha Dean – Senior People Coordinator, MarketFinance
With Pento, we have complete control over our payroll. Plus, the modern interface makes the tool so easy to use. Pento really frees up a lot of time for more meaningful parts of my work.
Nick Davies – Payroll Manager, Starling Bank
Easy, breezy payroll! We made the switch over to Pento in April 2021 and I have to say easily the best decision we made!
Judy Lee – HR Advisor, Freedom Finance